July 20, 2024


Do you enjoy posting on forums? Do you own a forum that needs more activity? Do you want to make more money online? A yes to any one of the questions means Postloop is a good fit for you.

Postloop - One of a kind content marketplace

Postloop allows forum owners to increase activity on their forum by posting on other forums to earn points, or by purchasing points. In turn, forum posters earn these points by posting on the owner’s forums. It is the easiest and most effective post exchange website there is.

I’ve been using Postloop since it first opened in 2010 as both a forum owner and a poster. In both capacities it served me very well. As a forum owner I got great activity from real people. As a poster I enjoyed hundreds of different forums and made some cash in the process. I also spent a while in the GPT industry, and I can tell you, Postloop is way better and easier than any PTC or GPT site you can find for making money. You will be surprised at how fast the points rack up while you’re enjoying what you do.

Postloop - One of a kind content marketplace

Since I first started, I’ve earned thousands of posts for my forums, and I’ve earned $100s of dollars for my efforts as a poster.

Recent Payment Proofs:

Postloop - 19 Sep 2014 - $5

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3 thoughts on “Postloop

  1. This post is dated 2014. It’s 2019. All I can say is that I almost missed out on joining Postloop. I had joined the site but then it closed. I forgot about it. I joined another site and they were talking about it, saying it was under new ownership. My friend told me to try my old account as it might still be active. Turns out it was active. I have been paid several times. I’m glad I joined Postloop.

  2. I’ve used PostLoop in the past, before it changed hands years ago, and it was a pretty good experience. Lately there are not that many Forum Owners putting their communities up, so writers don’t have as big as catalog to chose from as they used to.

    I never used it as a Forum owner but in general I seemed to hear very good testimonials on it bringing good content, so it seemed a pretty good option.

    Unfortunately, it seems that nowadays these kind of services are on the decline.

  3. Sadly, looks like I’ve also missed out on Postloop. Just checked the website and it seems to be down for me. Good thing is though that your website has plenty of others I can use.

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