July 18, 2024

Get Paid on Robux For Doing Offers and Surveys at RBX.Tools

This is a guest post written by the Admin of rbx.tools. 

RBX.Tools is a website that in exchange of doing offers / surveys / watching videos and more lets you get free Robux.

But first we will explain you some tips on HOW TO earn ROBUX.

  • Avoid sites that ask for your credentials that aren’t part of ROBLOX. These websites will steal your ROBUX, your account and all the items / limited’s you may have.
  • Find a site that for doing a job, you will get a reward, for example a points reward website like RBX.TOOLS.
  • Refer your friends by using your referral link. This will earn you some Robux if they complete offers. We’ve explained this on a post (click here to see).

After those useful tips, lets go with the steps.

How to earn Robux and withdraw it at our ROBLOX account?

To earn Robux first we will need to go to the website indicated at the top called (RBX.TOOLS).

We will insert our ROBLOX username inside the text-box so we are able to receive our points.


After the registration, we are able now to earn Robux. Here are some points of ways to earn Robux at our site.

  • Doing offers / surveys at the EARN tab.
  • Joining weekly and soon daily giveaways at our site or on our Twitter.
  • Daily visiting the site (This feature will come really soon).
  • Affiliating your friends at our site with your unique link, you will earn 5% of their winnings.

Finally when we already have our Robux ready on our RBX.Tools account you will need to go to the WITHDRAW page.

Whenever you are inside that page, go to the box and click the link that contains the ROBLOX group.

After joining the group, put the amount of Robux you wanna withdraw and click the button. Your Robux will be inside your ROBLOX account.

Proof of withdraws can be found on our Twitter. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Get Paid on Robux For Doing Offers and Surveys at RBX.Tools

  1. It seems you are good at seo because i found it on 1st page. Creating blog is easy but ranking it on search engine is difficult task. write something on it. so that it can help new bloggers like me.
    Or give me link if you have allready written some tips.

  2. Thanks for letting us know! I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I am working on it. When I find a good formula, I may do just that. Just so I know what’s working, what search terms did you use to find us?

  3. Pretty cool website. I’ve never used any offer websites before so this will be my first time. Proof of the withdraws was very helpful too.

  4. Thank you for this tutorial. I was looking for any genuine method of earning money and this looks decent. I will surely try this thing. The proof of withdrawal make these things so sturdy.

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