June 21, 2024

GPT Site Awards for 2018

After hosting our Top GPT sites list for years, we’ve decided to expound further on these sites and highlight some of the better ones. So, at least this year, we present the Revenue Herald GPT Site Awards for 2018. While this is the first edition, we hope to do similar awards like this in future years. Now to the good part, drumroll please….


Best GPT of 2018: PocketmoneyGPT

PocketmoneyGPT has been a consistent contributor in the online earning arena for years. This year, we’re recognizing it for Best GPT of 2018. Here’s why:

  1. Honest ownership: Primgalz has been honest and reliable for years, and that did not let up in 2018.
  2. Tons of offers: Tallying 23 offer walls and countless in-house offers, PocketmoneyGPT has something for everyone. If you can’t earn here, you’re unlikely to earn elsewhere.
  3. Cash: What we all do GPT for, the cash. PocketmoneyGPT continues to pay loads of money, on-time. As of the writing of the article, $276,795.14 has been paid out to users.

Click here to join PocketmoneyGPT!


Best New GPT of 2018: PaymeDollar

PaymeDollar entered the GPT scene this past year with a bang! We say that, because it was surprising to us to see such a fresh new GPT site in a saturated market stand out. Here’s why:

  1. Unique look: Most GPT sites now seem to be mirror images of each other, running from the same scripts with different color schemes. PaymeDollar has a fresh design, fresh look, and is much different to use than other GPT sites.
  2. Honest effort: As most GPT sites encounter from time to time, PaymeDollar has had issues with payment processors. The difference, PaymeDollar ownership has made best effort to keep the userbase up to date with the situation. Luckily, this one resolved for the best.
  3. Great offers: Boasting 11 offer walls, 3 video walls, and other tasks and surveys, there’s plenty of great and fresh opportunities to earn cash!

Click here to join PaymeDollar!



4 thoughts on “GPT Site Awards for 2018

  1. I actually remember pocketmoney. I haven’t used it in awhile because of life has been busy haha. I’ll be sure to get back into it. I remember that there were some good rates too.

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