PointsForMe – New GPT Site for 2020

PointsForMe is a new Get-Paid-To (GPT) website established in June 2020. The website is a custom-built script, which lends some credibility, as the time and effort required is more likely to show dedication to the long-term success of the site. Brought to us by themago, a web developer with 15-years of experience, and has been involved with GPTs for at least the last 8 years. At the height of joblessness, themago decided to use his skills and experience to offer us a new avenue to earn some more cash during the COVID-19 pandemic and then beyond.

The first question on everyone’s minds when a new GPT site pops up: Is it a scam? Is PointsForMe a scam?

No, PointsForMe is not a scam.

They have already made thousands of payments in the short period of time they’ve been open. See for yourself:

PointsForMe Payouts
PointsForMe Payouts

In addition to the earned payments, they’ve given away 3 $20 gift cards as contest prizes (that’s just in one month) and have started another $2 gift card today.

Offer Walls

There are plenty of opportunities to earn. The current offer walls on PointsForMe are:
– Adscend Media
– AdGem
– AdGate
– AdWorkMedia
– AyeT
– CPALead
– CpxResearch
– KiwiWall
– OfferDaddy
– OfferToro
– Persona.ly
– TheoremReach

Payment Methods

The current minimum withdraw amount is $2.50 and the withdraw options are currently:

– Paypal
– Steam Wallet
– Google Play
– Bitcoin
– Robux
– Discord Nitro
– Amazon
– Other (it appears they may be willing to work out alternate payment methods with this one).


PointsForMe is a new, unique, and upcoming GPT site that is well worth a look. Check them out today!

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