Get Paid To Post on Zzoomit Forum

This is a guest post written by the Admin of Zzoomit Forum. 

What is Zzoomit Forum?

Zzoomit Forum is a genuine Get Paid To Post Forum (GPT Means a site which pays users for contributing content; usually a post is only 1-3 lines) which allows users to do forum posts related to Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Home Automation.

How to earn Rewards?

Rewards are based on a points system which means if any user reaches 500 points, he or she can make a payout request.

Here are the Point details.

  • For initiating a discussion – 2 Zzoomit Points
  • For Responding to a post – 1 Zzoomit point
  • For Daily Visit – 1 Zzoomit Point
  • For Affiliate Traffic – 1 Zzoomit Point/referral Traffic. (Maximum 200 Referral Visitors per month – Referrals don’t need to register)
  • Zzoomit also gives points for raffles, micro tasks, and offers.

How can I redeem rewards?

Rewards can be redeemed via Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Forumcoin, Amazon Gift card, Paytm, Phone Pay, NEFT on reaching 500 Zzoomit Points.

To redeem just contact the admin via mail or message directly onsite.

100 Zzoomit Points are equivalent to $1.

One can easily make $5 – $10 per month by participating in Forum Posting.

Which type of contents are allowed?

The following contents are allowed,

  1. Electronic Product Reviews
  2. Electrical Product Reviews
  3. Electrical Posts related to Education
  4. Electronic Posts related to Education
  5. Machine Learning
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Internet of Things
  8. Home Automation
  9. Circuit Diagrams
  10. Case Studies related to Electrical
  11. Case Studies related to Electronics
  12. A quiz related to Electrical Engineering
  13. A quiz related to Electronics Engineering
  14. Technology news related to Electrical | Electronics | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | IOT | Home Automation
  15. Project Ideas
  16. Your Experience with various Electronic Devices.

If you have some interesting main topic related to our niche, then ping us. We will include a forum section for that.

Do you have a Payment Proof?

Yes, payment proofs have already been shared on ForumCoin.


If you have any doubts or questions, or experience with Zzoomit you would like to share, please post in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Get Paid To Post on Zzoomit Forum

  1. krishna chvv

    I am always looking for good paid to post forums to earn some bucks and learn new things.I think the forum mostly concentrate on electrical and electronic products content.Nowadays we mostly depends on electrical and electronic products so we can easily share our experiences.

    1. Revenue Herald

      They do seem to have settled on that as the niche. I figure it may be better than general discussion pay-to-post forums that come and go quickly. I’m interested to see that as a niche being successful as a pay to post forum, but I assume they’re doing that to build content in the early stages. If it works!

  2. Simplex

    Thanks for writing out how much points you get based on the type of post. Your website seems to have a lot of great sources. I’ll be sure to keep this page bookmarked.


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