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Revenue Herald Rules
Revenue Herald Forum Rules:

1. Be kind and courteous to all members at all times.
2. Threads and posts must contain helpful or informational content.
3. There is not a hard word count requirement, however posts 10 words or less will be heavily scrutinized.
4. For any posts found to violate rules 2 & 3, a penalty will be docked double that of Herald$ earned for the offending post. 
5. Maximum posts to receive full credit are 10 per day. Any posts beyond this are subject to revocation of points after review.
6. No copying of content from other websites. No copyright violations. 
7. No illegal content. If it is illegal in the United States, it is forbidden on this forum.
8. Signatures deemed to be excessive in appearance or size will be resized or removed.
9. Only 1 account per member. Violations will result in a permanent ban.
10. Abuse of the referral system will result in a permanent ban. 

*Rules are subject to change without notice.
Herald$ are earned at the rates posted here:

With the following exceptions, the below rates are multiplied by the standard rate to determine points awarded:
GPT Referrals - 0%
Affiliate Network Referrals - 0%
Referral Links - 0%
General Discussion - 15%
Introductions - 0%
Promotion Center - 0%

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